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Lime Intelligence - A centralised online reporting tool for airports

Klaus Dengler, Managing Director Europoles Suisse GmbH), René Vuillemin, (Managing Director Europoles Suisse GmbH)

Easy to use and ‘self-service’ reporting & analysis tool.

Knowledge is power and fast access to key airport insights as well as having a deep understanding of what is driving your airport business is essential for growth and success.

Lime Intelligence is a complete solution from looking at aircraft movements, through to all passenger and commercial data, analysis & reporting.

With the ability to dynamically analyse information, airports can improve their engagement with airlines and commercial stakeholders by being the ‘expert’ on their business trends and help identify opportunities for revenue growth.

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Specialised reporting for airports

  • Lime has been built by airport and airline specialists with over 40 years of collective industry experience.  
  • Knowing what airports need is our niche.  
  • All reports are tailored for airport management reporting and ready for airline route development.
  • Cross analyse passenger trends with car park, car rental, concession and other commercial revenue.

Easy to Use and Accessible Anywhere

  • Anyone can use Lime Intelligence. 
  • It requires no excel experience.
  • Multiple users can access the tool simultaneously from any location. 
  • Easily build a ‘data story’.

Central, Accurate and Consistent Reporting

  • Lime Intelligence houses all of an airports’ airline and commercial revenue data and enables you to actively interrogate the data, analyse trends, investigate ‘red flags’ and opportunities and report with ease. 
  • Cross analyse trends between passengers, airlines and commercial revenue.

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Requires no ongoing management by the airport and data is securely housed in the cloud.

Our passion is for airports and we work with all our customers on an ongoing basis to help them maximise the value of their Lime Intelligence tool and how the data insights can be translated into great business decisions.

Contact Us for a Demo.

We would love to talk to you. Contact us directly via email for a demonstration of the Lime Intelligence tool and how we can partner with you and visit our website.

Contact Us for a Demo

We would love to talk to you.  Contact us directly for a demonstration of the Lime Intelligence tool  and how we can partner with you at and visit our website

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