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Issue 34 | August 2018

Technology is making life easier for air traffic controllers, with automation set to play a key role. The FAA’s NextGen programme will provide increased automation and decision support tools to ATC specialists, which could one day mean they are no longer involved in controlling every flight. We examine major automation projects and ask what problems automation could solve in the future.

In security, we consider how a cyberattack could render screening systems useless and create a potentially deadly threat, and find out more about the latest trend of flight sharing, which involves sharing the costs of private flights between a licensed pilot and passengers.

Finally, we talk to some of the winners of the ACI Airport Service Quality customer satisfaction survey, map out some of the most exciting African airport projects set to drive air industry growth across the continent, and profile Mexico’s new airport, which is set to be the country’s most expensive endeavour in a century.

Katie Woodward, editor