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Issue 67 • May 2021

As air travel returns to normal after the pandemic, there will be a few new faces greeting customers at airports. Technological advances are allowing airport owners and operators to take on robot workers. 

These automatons are being put to work, taking piping hot food to customers in Philadelphia, using state-of-the-art imaging software to check passengers’ security credentials in Qatar and even scrubbing bathrooms with UV light at London Heathrow. 

We explore how these new, tireless workers are taking over tasks, from Covid-safe cleaning operations to assessing potential security risks, at airports all over the world.

Swissport was once among the mightiest of handling firms in the world, but after suffering through the pandemic, we explore whether a new CEO will help get the struggling company back on its feet.

Elsewhere, we analyse how different governments are handling airport relief measures, and chat with Qatar Airways about its ambitious plans to help stop international animal trafficking.

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Ben Cusack, editor