Yearbook | 2019

travelling while trans

Airport security staff must do better when it comes to treating transgender passengers

Preventing missing aircraft

The launch of a new, better tracking technology promises to help save lives

ecological projects at airports

From a project to revive local wetlands in Sydney, to Dublin Airport selling homemade honey

speaking plane english

A new app aims to provide an easier way for pilots to acquire radio communication skills

a second sight

In this special audio feature, we review the latest tech to aid blind people as they navigate through the airport

india's airport ambitions

India set to build 200 airports by 2040 in a bid to serve the country's growing air passenger traffic numbers

countering drones

Recent incidents at several airports have driven demand for more advanced drone detection systems

impoverished communities

Airports create trade, travel and job opportunities. What could this mean for poorer communities?

human trafficking at airports

ACI has launched its first 'Combatting Human Trafficking' handbook, which collates airport findings on the activity

Missing in action

Explore where airport staff shortages are hitting hardest in this special interactive feature

Beijing daxing airport

China's new $12bn airport opened in september. But how was the Zaha Hadid-designed behemoth built?

Facial recognition

A ban on facial recognition technology in San Francisco begs the question: will biometric solutions face a backlash at airports?

The hard sell

Why are airports fertile ground for advertising? And what resonates with clients and passengers

Liberating liquids

Exploring airports' investment in CT technology, we ask: what benefits is it bringing to security lines?

Saving stowaways

Where are stowaways coming from, and what can airports do to stop this deadly practice?

Problems in peru

Will a new airport being built in close vicinity to the Machu Picchu world heritage site help or hinder local fortunes