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ASQS – 10 Years of Intuitive Quality and Safety Management

Known for long-standing experience and sound expertise in the field of aviation and IT, ASQS (Advanced Safety and Quality Solutions) is specialized in the development of integrated safety and quality management solutions for the aviation industry.


Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, ASQS was launched in 2009 with the vision to revolutionize the aviation industry by providing an integrated quality and safety management solution at a time, when the implementation of SMS was not legally mandatory. A good combination of expertise, smart design and innovation led to the development of IQSMS – a modular, integrated, and web-based safety, quality and risk management system that went beyond safety management. But despite the obvious benefits the software offered, it took time to give operators an understanding of the advantages they could derive from IQSMS. Passion and perseverance helped the founders adhere to their vision and let them overcome the initial obstacles.


Today, ten years later, ASQS is a leading provider of integrated quality and safety management and IQSMS is used by some 200 aviation companies worldwide in their daily operations. The company expanded into Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region, opened a branch office in Bangkok, Thailand, and now also provides IQSMS to airports and maintenance organizations.

Your Safety is the Destination

ASQS’ mission is to assist customers in understanding operational safety as a concept that affects all areas of the business and provide a comprehensive tool that fosters the creation of a sound safety culture. In order to create a safe working and operating environment, it is crucial to acknowledge that safety is not merely a thing we do or don’t do, but a shared attitude seeing safety as a core value of the corporate philosophy.

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The IQSMS Suite

The IQSMS Suite provides a wide range of modules with specific functionalities, designed to increase legal compliance, operational safety and efficiency due to a seamless and secure data exchange. IQSMS allows clients to manage safety, quality and risk management data with a single integrated tool in order to maximize the company’s productivity, reduce operating costs and optimize internal and external working processes. As a web-based system, IQSMS can be used online 24/7 worldwide and offline via the IQSMS apps. Since the software is hosted on ASQS servers, there is no need to invest in additional IT infrastructure.

On the occasion of the decision to address new target groups in the company’s anniversary year, ASQS’ CEO Günther Schindl gives us a brief insight into the company’s approach to safety management and how an elaborated SMS can help airports meet their particular daily challenges in a proactive way.

Managing safety in aviation – What does it mean?

In the aviation industry we have fortunately moved from a reactive safety and risk management towards a proactive one, which means that we identify, assess and address threats and risks before a safety event happens, instead of just responding to an occurrence. But proactive safety management requires a systematic and structured approach which includes the establishment and promotion of a good reporting system, safety planning, the implementation of procedures and policies and the elaboration of risk mitigation processes. And here SMS comes into play. Managing aviation safety practically means managing risks, and managing risks is all about handling hazards. And in turn, handling hazards requires a solid reporting culture that enables the identification and further processing of threats. A comprehensive SMS like IQSMS significantly facilitates reporting processes and supports aviation companies in their risk assessment, analysis and tracking of corrective actions, as well as their safety performance monitoring and measurement.

How do Airports profit from implementing an integrated quality and safety management system like IQSMS?

In the last years, both, passenger numbers and aircraft movement increased and airports are the pivotal element of regional, national, and international air transportation. And although airports are already highly regulated and safe environments, a comprehensive SMS can support them to rise to the challenges of the continuous growth and the risks related to it. By implementing an integrated QMS & SMS solution such as IQSMS, airports do not only benefit from the safety aspects the software entails, but also from the possibility to optimize their overall operational performance. IQSMS enables the creation of policies, procedures, and practices for the management of safety risk, while guaranteeing compliance with all legal requirements including ICAO Doc. 9859, ICAO Annex 19, EASA Part-ADR, FAA Part 139 and ISAGO. One of our main goals is to offer intuitive software solutions accompanied by excellent support services. Longstanding industry experience and a close relationship with our customers, enable us to quickly understand their specific needs and to provide them with solution that support their operation most efficiently.

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