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Issue 41 | March 2019

China recently announced it was preparing to build its first permanent airport in the South Pole in order to increase its authority in the airspace and provide support to future scientific expeditions. We find out what the logistical challenges and the geopolitical implications of this project are.

We also take a look at the gruelling reality of forced deportations, after the International Transport Workers’ Federation put out a call to commercial airlines to take greater responsibility for the safety of their crew and passengers and refuse to assist in the practice.

Following a worrying incident where a lone ATC worker begun slurring her words while on duty, confusing many pilots waiting to land, we analyse the pressures employees feel on the job and see how regulations are about to be changed to stop such incidents from happening again.

Finally, we find out what airports and retailers need to do to keep consumers engaged, and round up some of the most impressive ecological projects at airports around the world.

Eva Grey, editor