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Issue 68 June 2021

Welcome back, travellers. As this issue goes to print, airports across the country are preparing for 21 June, when holidays are back on the cards after almost 18 months of Covid-19 restrictions. Will it all be blue skies? Only time will tell.

We speak to a number of British airports to see how they have been getting ready for a June departure date, including Luton Airport, who teamed up with a specialist company to streamline customers’ experiences with all the new anti-Covid-19 rules and regulations.

Over recent years, the popularity of drones with hobbyists has created a new threat to aviation – one that came into the fore during Christmas 2018, when alleged sightings caused Gatwick Airport to close its runway, ruining the holidays for hundreds of thousands of passengers. We analyse how drones and planes can live peacefully, and safely, in the same skies.

Elsewhere, we examine how vaccine passport companies handle customers’ sensitive data, and speak to Melbourne Airport about their new, eco-friendly plans – and much more.

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Ben Cusack, editor