Issue 47 | September 2019

In the next issue of AIR, we take a look at the expansion masterplan for the UK's Heathrow Airport and ask: will the proposed carbon and noise reduction measures be enough?

Also, we analyse the European Commission's new rules surrounding drone use at airports, and ask whether the new regulations will effectively mitigate risk.

We explore how computed tomography (CT) scanning is speeding up passenger throughput at security, and investigate how Assaia International is using a mixture of cameras and AI technologies to help reduce aircraft turnaround times. In addition, we examine five areas where airports will need to make use of technology to meet growing passenger demand in the future.

Also next issue; the biggest talking points from this year’s Airline Executive Summit in Istanbul; and an in-depth look at the root causes and potential solutions for ‘aviophobia’ – more commonly called fear of flying.


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