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Govie: A Change of Paradigm

Govie combines game and movie technology to create a 3D interactive and video-like product model and presentation in one.

It is much more than conventional walkthroughs and 3D rendered presentations, it is 3D in real time.

Users can interrupt the cinematic presentation to interact with specific features of the model, rotate, and zoom in on details to explore the structure.

This mode is ideal for individual customer presentations. Take customers on an individual exploration tour of the product.

Customers will be able to explore the product by discovering, inspecting and actively testing products, discovering the features that appeal the most to them.

This allows customers to understand their product faster and recognise its benefits more sustainably using this modern, innovative tool.

Story mode turns the Govie into a video with edited scenes highlighting the most appropriate features of the product in the context of the scene. So 3DIT edits, following a red thread, scene after scene to tell the story of the product.

When users click the ‘play’ button on a Govie, it runs scene by scene like a video, and in this mode it is virtually indistinguishable from the viewer.

This makes story mode ideal for presenting products on large-format displays at exhibition stands.

In story mode, 3DIT can also turn your Govie into a real video that clients can embed on their websites or upload to YouTube.

3D Operation and Maintenance Training

One main challenge in large technical projects is closing knowledge gaps when it comes to training, instructing, substituting and assisting staff.

3DIT delivers a customised solution that makes use of existing data, information and programmes, closing the missing links and simultaneously giving them a 3D real-time context. Existing solutions are not necessarily substituted but complemented and integrated for the purpose of method statements such as maintenance and operations training.

Multi-functional 3D data viewers are capable of displaying and handling large amounts of data from various systems and simulations. This may be operational and sensor data, but also in particular PDFs, worksheets, and multi-step operating instructions among others. Everything in the 3D-context, meaning that information is not only tangible but also related to the real relevant place.

3DIT data viewers are used in construction or business processes to show real-time system numbers and measurements in a virtual, interactive 3D model.

The data viewer can be integrated to client-specific dashboards, control units or other analysis tools.

3DIT’s data viewers simplify large outputs of data used for planning, operation and maintenance of equipment. The solution makes the information easy-to-understand for all operators, including those not familiar with the systems.

Data viewers can be linked to customer-specific analysis tools or control units.

Public Outreach and E-Participation with 3D Interactive Walkthroughs

Interactive 3D walkthroughs (Govies) are ideal for allowing clients to visualise building interiors and surroundings.

In particular, when it comes to investor persuasion, verification and citizen and / or stakeholder involvement, this is an ideal solution in order to give them a thorough understanding of a project’s aspects.

3DIT walkthroughs can be used to view and evaluate planned facilities before they are built to collect relevant information. They are suitable for virtual audits, training solutions or location-based services.

3D walkthroughs provide a more detailed and memorable spatial overview than simple sketches and maps. Clients are able to fully explore the realistic virtual scene and identify the details and features that are most relevant to them.

Realistic models allow clients to visualise land, buildings and production site plans before they are finalised for construction to highlight design changes. This is ideal for proposing either complete terminal layout or new additions from investors.

About 3DIT

Founded in 2013 and based in Dresden, Germany, 3DIT is a pioneer in creating 3D real-time visualisations for industrial applications.

The company creates synergies between experienced engineers, computer scientists, designers and marketing specialists to develop cutting-edge presentation tools and 3D solutions for the industrial sector.