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Passenger Reduced Mobility during a pandemic

An Interview with Frank Bod, Managing Director of Special Mobility


My name is Frank Bod and I started my business 25 years ago, the day my son was born.

The first product that the Company sold was puncture proof wheelchair tires. As the business grew the portfolio increase with all kind of wheelchair parts and accessories. One of our best selling accessory is the spoke protectors that we produce. It can be printed with individually design or logo.

10 years ago a Company doing PRM service for Amsterdam Schiphol asked us if we could make a transport wheelchair which is durable and equipped with the right functionalities. We designed our first transport wheelchair that was called Caddy. After we found out that the name Caddy was protected, we call our products Mobby.

We experienced by talking to customers that there is a market for transport solutions for PRM (People/Passengers with Reduces Mobility).


After consulting and listening to Companies that work in the PRM business we made a new design Mobby chair in 2015. The Mobby is a special chair designed for PRM use.

It is durable, safe, hard to steel, rigid and this chair comes with patented transport fixations. With these fixations you can connect the Mobby so you move them in a row for restoring purposes. In 2016 we make an electric Mobby chair with an attendant board the can be connected with Mobby chairs, so 2 or 3 PRM’s can be transported at the same time. Not only cost effective but also fun and vip treatment to the PRM, which is important for the airport.

In 2016 we introduced our product to the world at Interairport Europe Munich Germany and off we went!!

We listen to our customers and are prepared to develop products for their needs and for our commercial success.

Soon we will introduce a New Multimobby and a new Mobby transport chair. These products are based on expertise that we got by cooperating with our customers.


Multimobby is a PRM transport vehicle that can take 6 persons including the driver. It has low boarding and has traditional steering. The multimobby is 3.06 meter long and 1.08 meter wide. It has 6 comfortable seats. Each passenger has a door. Cabine luggage can be stored at the back of the Multimobby. A Mobby chair can be attached to the back of the Multimobby, even a simple foldable wheelchair can be connected at the back of the Multimobby.

The production starts in September 2020, already 27 units are pre-ordered.

Measure of precausion Multimobby:

  • Doors to protect arms and legs of the passengers
  • Door sensors, when the doors are open, driving stops / is not possible
  • Scanner front and parking sensors at the back are optional

The scanner prevents the Multimobby from collisions.

Discussing the impact that COVID-19 will have on PRM (Passengers with Reduced Mobility):

I think that the numbers of PRM will be at about zero at this moment and it will slowly recover once flights and the travel around the airports can be considered safe.

The way Special Mobility is changing the equipment with their unique solutions to this pandemic:

Special Mobility’s Mobby transport chair can be equipped with a protection screen and holders for a bottle and box. The screen protects both the attendant and the passenger. This also available for the e-Mobby. The screen can be bought as a separate item and installed to existing Mobby chairs.

In september Special Mobility will introduce a new Multimobby with 6 seats and in a later stage also with 8 seats. All passengers have its own access (door) and the Multimobby can be equiped with screens that can be installed and (later) removed.

Your personal opinion on how you see COVID-19 changing the way PRM operates within airports:

Travelling by air will be less comfortable and will take much longer as many precautionary measures has to take place. Also flying for every passenger will be more expensive.

Do you intend on implementing more changes due to this current outbreak?

See under question 2.

ONLY IF SUITABLE: Are you considering launching a new product in the near future? If yes, what adaptions would you create in this environment.

Special Mobility will introduce a new Multimobby with advanced safety features. It has low boarding, handluggage storage, doors with sensors, scanner at the front to avoid collapses and sensors at the back. The 6-seater Multimobby is 3.05 x 1.08 meter, so it is very compact and fits most elevators.

It also can be equipped with safety removable screens against corona.

Special Mobility will also introduce a new Mobby. Compared to our existing Mobby it is very stackable, compact and easy transfer from front and side. It has a safety break, take a close look at our pdf leaflet.

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