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CANI: Czech Air Navigation Institute

The Czech Air Navigation Institute (CANI) established under the Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic and located in Prague is a modern fully-equipped Air Navigation Services Training center with 30 years of industry and Air Traffic Control training experience. Our strong customer focus, multi-national team of qualified instructors, deep domain knowledge and friendly staff make CANI the training provider of choice for many Air Navigation Service Providers from Europe and beyond.

CANI specializes in the provision of ATC Training covering all types of training for ANSPs. 
In addition to the CANI provides the fuulll spectrum of flight inspection services and consultancy in selected ATM areas. 

All courses offered by CANI are in full compliance with ICAO, and Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/340 requirements. Training programs are approved by the Czech CAA and internationally recognized. Additionally, courses can be tailored according to clients’ specific needs and requirements. Students from more than 30 countries have been trained within the Czech Air Navigation Institute. Upon successful completion of the trainings the course participants obtain certificates that are recognized by the CAA authorities throughout the world. 

Czech Air Navigation Institute has been selected by BHANSA to train the next generation of air traffic controllers which BHANSA will need to assume responsibility over their upper airspace, currently controlled by neighboring Croatia and Serbia.   

The General Directors of ANS CR and BHANSA, Jan Klas and Davorin Primorac met at the World ATM Congress 2018 in Madrid to review the progress of the ATCO training project which will conclude its first year later this spring. The project, whose aim is to train the next generation of air traffic controllers for Bosnia and Herzegovina, involves 6 European ANSPs (BHANSA, ANS CR, ANS Finland, SMATSA, Croatia Control, Slovenia Control) and includes training for up to 69 ATCOs by April 2020. 

Both Mr. Klas and Mr. Primorac were happy to conclude that the project took off successfully and all of the activities planned for year one are being executed successfully and according to plan. Initial training has been completed for 21 students from group one and 12 ACS students have already entered into Unit Training with ANS Finland and Croatia control.

So looking back at the first year I can say that the project team has done a great job in setting up all the activities needed and executing on the project plan. Year 1 is definitely a success and puts us in a good position to meet the overall project goals” said Mr. Klas.

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Strong customer orientation is a key element of CANI corporate culture which rests on the belief that successful training is not only a personal asset but should also be an enjoyable experience.

CANI offers its clients:

  • In-house modern and comforatble accommodation  
  • Optional accommodation at the 4* Marriott Courtyard hotel in close vicinity of the training facilities
  • In-house restaurant and snack bar with the possibility of a full-board service
  • In-house gym

To ensure a maximum satisfaction to our customers there is a dedicated Customer Service Coordination team ready to assist the clients with various needs before and during their stay at our training facilities. The customer services include: 

  • Visa assistance services
  • Medical assistance 
  • Transportation services
  • Travel arrangements and airline ticket booking
  • Restaurant and entertainment bookings
  • On-demand sightseeing tours and other leisure time activities

Among other areas of expertise belong Flight Inspection Services. CANI Flight Inspection Unit provides bespoke flight inspection services designed to maximize peace of mind by reducing the risk of equipment failure or improper performance. The CANI Flight Inspection Service Unit offers a competitive, cost effective service for air navigation service providers and airport operators in Europe and beyond.

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CANI offers a wide range of ATM consultancy services designed to help customers overcome operational challenges as well as help adopt new technologies and procedures. Customers can profit from the domain expertise of senior ATM staff, experience and stability of an ATC provider (Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic) and hands-on experience from Europe's number-one pioneer in the utilization of multilateration (MLAT) technology.  

Our strong customer focus, deep domain knowledge and friendly staff make CANI the provider of training solutions  for customers  across Europe and beyond. This, combined with a competitively low local cost of living and state of the art training facilities, enables CANI to deliver world class training experiences at unbeatable prices.

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