We move people.

Mobby transportchair

  • Design: Designed for transport of Passengers with Reduced Mobility
  • Safety: Mobby does not tip over when someone steps onto the footplate; Passengers feet are protected; Safety breaking system; Mobby is on the break when it is not in use
  • Armrest and footplate are swing-up and cannot be taken away from the Mobby
  • Strong and rigid
  • Low maintenance and durable; low operating costs
  • Special strong double painting to aviod damages
  • Not painted parts are from Stainless Steel
  • Stackable; space saving
  • Available with several options, such as: luggage rack, lock, name plate, seatbelt ect.

Mobby fixations

Mobby's can be equipped with patented fixations. Mobby can be connected with each other and be moved in a row. Great feature when collecting empty Mobby's.

  • Mobby's with fixations can be connected to the electrical devices
  • Collecting empty Mobby's can be done electrically
  • Electric driving with 2 or 3 passenger is possible

The luggage Mobby can take larger luggage and can be connected to the Mobby with the same fixations.