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Safety, Reliability, Expertise: EJ provide high quality, tailor-made services for your Airport civil engineering projects. We design, manufacture and supply Airport Infrastructure Access Solutions for AGL, telecom, electricity, fire, fuel and water networks.

Our extensive range includes F900, FOD compliant, hinged and assisted manhole covers and ductile iron drainage gratings which provide Airports management an unparalleled added value in terms of human safety, reliability and maintenance cost savings.

Our Airports dedicated team is available worldwide to assist transport infrastructure projects stakeholders during the specification, construction and operation phases.

With products installed in over 500 airports throughout the world, EJ continues to innovate to satisfy the highest customer expectations.

AGL refurbishment - Lisbon Airport

At Lisbon Airport, the Hinged Hatch range by EJ was chosen to enhance safety and reliability for AGL network.

With large clear opening, mechanical strut assistance, safety bar and FOD compliant locking system, this no maintenance solution provided the airport with absolute peace-of-mind and assurance.

Refueling - KAIA Airport

The GACA (General Authority of Civil Aviation) and Dar Al-Handasah Consultant have put their trust in EJ for the specification of the Kerosene network access products, which is the fuel lines’ central point of irrigation that supplies King Abdulaziz Airport’s aircrafts. 112 chambers each 5 meters deep, compose the aircraft parking ramp.

36 numbers ERMATIC® products (900 kN) and 85 Hinged Hatch units (900 kN) in two different chamber openings were supplied, each equipped with a guardrail and safety grids that prevent falls.

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Drainage system - London City Airport

In terms of infrastructure access solutions, London City Airport needed a partner who understands the issues faced by contractors, the maintenance unit and the airport management team. EJ were chosen due to their proven track record in safety and maintenance cost savings solutions.

The drainage network extension included the installation of a new pit and duct network. Gratings were supplied to supplement the increased water run-off requirements.

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