Lugano in a nutshell

Lugano is a small but international city, a treasure chest of culture, entertainment, shopping, good food, business and nature. The weather is invariably good and there is really no need to look up “Lugano weather” on your smartphone when exploring Via Nassa or Monte San Salvatore: the sun shines on the many different aspects of the Lugano region.

Lugano is an international city which blends finance and culture. Indulge in the pleasant tranquillity of its parks and the Old-Town’s porticos. Relax with a spot of shopping and a stroll by the lakeside, among the palms and olive trees. Lugano is the essence of contrasts. It is a city, an urban centre, a garden, but also a lake.

Come and enjoy this corner of Switzerland, where city and nature seamlessly combine.

Lugano Airport (scheduled flight terminal)

Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, the international airport of Lugano-Agno is placed in a strategic position 6 km from Lugano city centre, the 3rd financial market in Switzerland and only 70 km from the centre of Milan.

Lugano Airport redefines the concept of contemporary mobility. From the car parking at only 100 mt distance from the Terminal to the check-in open up to 20 minutes before departure, Lugano Airport offers a quick and pleasant travel experience.

Lugano Airport (General Aviation)

Combining the Swiss tradition of excellence and perfection together with a quintessentially Mediterranean atmosphere and hospitality, Lugano Airport is a real City Airport able to offer tailor made services for the needs of the different customers and personalised attention to the passengers and very well established for private jet clients and airlines.

Lugano Airport offers fast tailor made services, from Aircraft Handling to Helicopter arrangements with a friendly and welcoming Mediterranean attitude and a first class catering.

At Lugano Airport there are no slot limitations, presenting a major advantage to executives, airlines and aircraft operators and passengers can access the apron with their own car directly to the aircraft. Procedure are smooth and your passengers can reach their aircraft in few minutes.

Airport Briefing

Lugano Airport is situated in mountainous terrain, wherein the flight procedures and aircraft performances are affected by its natural obstacles. For this reason, the approach to and the departure from Lugano are limited to flight crews fulfilling the requirements of the concept for mandatory familiarization.Lugano Airport welcomes you on the Lugano Qualification web site provided by the LSZA Airport Authority.

Any new operator is invited to contact the Airport Authority team for any queries about qualification and the Commercial team for development opportunities.