The Bertoli company was founded in 1978 as manufacturer of power generation equipment.

The company vocation to explore new frontiers of technology has led them to master the most innovative applications of power generation, such as the cogeneration plants and, specifically for airport GSE industry, the ground power units.

All our products are constantly updated and innovated in order to anticipate and fully meet the needs of most demanding clients

We are able to create specific products, managing orders on commission and turnkey projects with reasonable time and costs

Quality first

We pay a particular attention to the pursuit of quality, both in materials and workmanship

ISO Certification
We’ve been ISO certified for more than a decade and our products  can meet CE certification 


Robust, easy to use and maintain power units from 60kVA to 180kVA used to power up and supply aircrafts during preflight, maintenance and testing in hangars. 
All models feature a user-friendly electronic device for the GPU management. 
Sound and weatherproof canopies and trailers are designed and manufactured in-house.

Special care is devoted to quality of materials and processing. Products look sober and are an optimal matching of essentiality and maximum functionality, conceived to facilitate end users in operating the machine and get the best out of their technical-mechanical potential.

On request we can offer environmental-friendly diesel engines, special painting for harsh environments, second AC output on smaller units, 28Vdc output, truck mounted models, units built according to military standards, technical training at our premises.


Bertoli mobile lighting towers have been designed for various fields of applications including airports. They are intended for the supply of artificial light during night operations and/or electric power in case of mains failure or when there is no mains available. 

As standard the units feature weatherproof generating sets from 6kVA to 30 kVA, telescopic masts with halogen lamps and manual rise/lowering system, single axle trailers designed for low speed towing. 

Tailor-made solutions according to customer 
needs and technical training at our premises are available on request


Generating sets are intended for the supply of electric power in case of public mains failure, or where there is no mains available.

All our production, from inception to completion, is carried out in Italy and all the components used in our manufacturing process are from western countries. Quality is a priority of the whole process all along, from the choice of materials to the final product testing.

On request we can offer environmental-friendly diesel engines, weather and soundproof enclosures with different noise levels and large access doors for ease of maintenance, containerized units, automatic control panels for standby use, synchronizing panels, special painting for harsh environments, bunded fuel tanks, enlarged fuel tanks, remote tanks, low speed trailers, high-speed road and off-road trailers, tailor-made solutions according to customer needs, technical training at our premises

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