Ultra Airport Systems

Ultra Airport Systems is a global provider of aviation software solutions. Over 75% of air travellers fly through airports served by Ultra’s solutions, which are used by over 100 airlines and 150 airports worldwide.

Our constantly evolving suite of products covers almost every airport and airline process, including operational performance, baggage management and passenger processing. Our systems are highly flexible, helping you to shape your business and plan for the future; many of our customer relationships have lasted for more than 30 years.

Ultra is consistently selected by the world’s best airports and airlines to ensure smooth and efficient operations.

Baggage Management

Airlines are increasingly measured on whether they can deliver a passenger’s bags accurately and on time. Despite the mishandling rate halving over the last ten years, the industry annually spends more than $2bn dollars repatriating bags. In order to reduce this figure further, airlines and airports are turning to Baggage Management solutions.

In order to be able to manage your bags, you need to be able to answer three questions. Firstly, where are my bags? Secondly, are my bags secure? And lastly, are my bags correctly loaded? Ultra’s Baggage Management tools help you answer these questions. 

Reducing mishandled bags, and improving the baggage handling process, relies on one vital commodity: information. Ultra’s Baggage Management tools provide information which is accurate, relevant and timely, allowing operators to instantly understand the status of a bag, ULD or flight; respond to operational matters instantly and consistently; and to be able to analyze those decisions, allowing the process to evolve.

Ultra’s tools help you guarantee compliance with IATA, ACI and local mandates on reconciliation and tracking, while providing a sophisticated set of functions and capabilities to help you iteratively improve your baggage processes and ultimately reduce mishandling.

Airport Performance

UltraAPEX has 11 modules specifically designed and targeted to deliver the maximum business benefit to airport operations.

Delivered as a browser based application, modules can be implemented stand alone, incrementally or as part of a complete bundle.

Situational Awareness - Through the consolidation of multiple information sources key to the operation, UltraAPEX enables the proactive monitoring of the passenger, baggage and aircraft value chain through animated flight grids, event and alert management, delay management and an interactive airport map.

Advanced Analytics – Current and Historic data can be analysed against a set of KPIs to identify operational performance bottlenecks and accurately determine the factors that contribute to repetitive performance degradation. This enables the airport to quickly understand the performance of the entire operation and easily identify areas needing improvement.

Aircraft Flow Management – Ultra’s Eurocontrol accredited A-CDM enables an airport to quickly meet its SESAR obligations. Providing the full range of tools - including pre-departure sequencers, milestone dashboards, messaging and adverse weather handling it delivers a complete solution necessary to for an airport to achieve A-CDM accreditation.

IATA Resolution 753

IATA resolution 753 comes into force in June 2018. The resolution places an obligation on IATA member carriers to track their bags through the bag journey, and to record at least 4 key points in that journey: when the passenger hands over the bag; when the bag is loaded; when the bag is transferred; and when the bag is delivered back to the passenger at the end of their journey. It also calls on airlines to be able to share that data between interline partners as needed.

Ultra offers airlines full compliance with all aspects of Resolution 753 through its baggage management solution, UltraTRAK. Bags are fully tracked through all points of the journey, using a combination of industry standard messages and actions recorded by the Airlines or their Ground Handlers. This includes support for tracking of arrival bags; often a problematic area for many airline processes. In addition, Ultra offers multiple solutions for sharing of data between interline partners, from local reports; to a simple, query based API; to a full message distribution hub allowing aggregation of tracking data across multiple locations.

As an IATA Strategic Partner, Ultra has worked closely with IATA and has been a key contributor to the recent IATA Resolution 753 Implementation Guide. Ultra has the operational know-how to work with our customers to ensure that they can achieve compliance with this important resolution in a cost effective manner that ensures the potential benefits of the resolution are fully realised.

Airport Operations

Ultra’s Airport Operational Systems have the proven track record to underpin your operational improvement initiatives. 

AODB - UltraDB is a fully featured, CDM enabled Operational Database that conforms to all relevant international standards and data sets, including IATA and ICAO code lists.  

IB – Built on SOA technology, UltraIB is an ‘Out-of-the-Box’ solution that simplifies the task of integration for airports. With ‘One-Click’ seamless deployment, our IB is central to the operation of many leading international airports.

FIDS – UltraFIDS delivers far more than the traditional information displays for flight summary Dynamically driven displays deliver a variety of additional content for: retail and advertising, security alerts, weather reports, full HD video, wayfinding and airport websites.

RMS - The comprehensive planning capabilities of UltraRESOURCE enable an airport to maximise its resource utilisation profiles across the full spectrum of planning scenarios from strategic future planning through to real time day of operation planning.

Billing – UltraBILLING is an Airport Charge Calculation Engine specifically targeted to automate the charging mechanisms that enable the financial valuation of the aeronautical services used by airport customers such as commercial airlines, general aviation, private airlines and army flights.