Every Textron GSE vehicle is backed by the expertise and resources of Textron—a Fortune 250 company with a long history of global aviation leadership. Building on this strong foundation, we deliver a full line of industry-leading vehicles and dedicated support to airports around the world.

TUG Featured Product


The TUG ALPHA 4 is the ideal tractor to handle pushback and towing requirements for aircraft up to the Airbus A340 and Boeing 747. All components of the TUG ALPHA 4 were selected to make a high performance, ergonomic and reliable tractor that will have a very long and stable service life in the most demanding environments

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The TUG ALPHA 3 is the newest conventional pushback in the TUG ALPHA family designed for serviceability and safety. This unit its capable of pushback, inter-gate and maintenance towing operations for aircraft up to the Airbus A330 and Boeing 767.

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The TUG GT-35 is a high torque, high efficiency, diesel unit designed

for durability and reliability. This unit provides excellent visibility

and ease of operation.

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The TUG M7 is the 7th generation tractor in this product line. This unit provides more ergonomic comfort than ever before. The M7 provides 4,500 pounds (2,041 kg) in drawbar pull.

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The TUG 660E is tailored for today’s environmentally conscious users by eliminating emissions. Identical to the standard 660 except for the AC traction and hydraulic motors.

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The TUG ALPHA 5 conventional pushback is specifically designed for pushback, inter-gate and maintenance towing operations (with a towbar) of wide-bodied aircraft including fully laden Airbus A380

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Douglas Featured Product 


The Douglas TBL-280 towbarless aircraft handling tractor is designed for pushback, inter-gate towing, and longer distance maintenance towing operations at higher speeds. TBL-280 Video:

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The Douglas TBL-180 towbarless aircraft handling tractor is ideal for pushback and inter-gate towing, and for shorter distance slower speed maintenance and towing operations.

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Premier Featured Product 

Hot Shot

The Premier “Hot Shot” HC29050-G Deicer provides truck mounted features in a towable configuration with 500 gallons of deice fluid, a 35’ working height and 25 gallon per minute flow rate.

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The Premier MT35P75 Deicer showcases “express heat” technology providing customers the fastest and most efficient method of deicing with two operators. This product can provide 180 degree fluid in less than 90 seconds

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The Premier MT43P21-ABS Deicer showcases ABS technology (Air Blast System) providing customers with the convenience of “express heat” deicing and the removal of ice/snow from he surface of an aircraft in a timely fashion.

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Safeaero Featured Product


The 220 series

of deicers are the only “genuine single operator deicers” on the market. The series includes the 220, the 220EH and the 223XXL. 220 Video:

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The 220 series of deicers are the only "genuine single operator deicers” on the market. The series includes the 220, the 220EH and the 223XXL.

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223 XXL

The 223XXL is the largest of the 220 series with its extra-large tank capacity of 13000 liters (3430 gal). It can deicer the most challenging aircraft (Airbus A380) with ease due to its extended nozzle working height and operator’s eye height

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Innovative Product

Smart Sense TM

The Smart Sense collision avoidance system is a new approach to safer baggage loading and unloading. Textron GSE’s Smart Sense system works by utilizing a set of ultrasonic sensors attached to the front of the TUG 660 to stop and slow the vehicle when needed to allow personnel safety and prevent costly aircraft damage.

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