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Issue 58 | August 2020

After a devastating start to the year, we ask how airport design could fundamentally change in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and assess the implications of the European Commission postponing the compliance date for its automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast regulations.

We explore how technology could create a more seamless travel experience at airports, and find out how a new ‘modular’ approach could make aircraft more cargo-friendly. We also ask what ‘frangible’ structures are and find out why they are so important for runway safety.

Also in this issue: we speak to new ACI World director-general Luis Felipe de Oliveira about the next steps for airports’ recovery, take a look at Amsterdam Schiphol’s sustainable taxibot, analyse a new Covid-19 ‘immunity’ passport from Israeli digital ID card creator Pangea, and get the lowdown on the winners of Skytrax’s esteemed airport awards.

Joe Baker, editor