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Issue 54 | April 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has torn the aviation industry apart, with ramifications that will hit airports across the world for years to come. This issue, we take the time to identify the extent of the damage, as well as where it will hit hardest, and ask whether in the long run the industry will be able to pick up the pieces.

Unfortunately, in these trying times, there are still other challenges to contend with. We speak to a roundtable of aviation experts about where the next cybersecurity threats to airports may come from, highlight the impact of US sanctions on aviation, and ask if we are reaching the end of an era for four-engine aircraft.

Nevertheless, we do cover some lighter stories at airports. The introduction of new translation technology as part of a partnership between New York’s JFK and Google could make life much easier for international travellers. And, we take a look back at the role that dogs have played at airports around the world.

Joe Baker, editor