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Your goal is our priority. We want to help you expand your air traffic management capabilities beyond industry standards. Whether you’re transforming a system or embarking on a new operation, our team has the expertise to ensure that your air traffic systems are safe, secure, and high-performing. ATS is your partner for exceptional achievement.


Design. Plan. Implement. Transform.

We’re with you from the start to beyond the finish line because we know that your business needs are unique and ongoing. You want a dynamic service tailored to achieve your company’s goals and exceed industry requirements. That’s what we’re about. Our experts lead the air traffic industry in compliance, safety, and cutting-edge knowledge so you can feel secure that you’ll receive exceptional support and resources whenever you need them. We want you to achieve more than you expected.

Demand better

You have a responsibility to comply with safety requirements. You’re also committed to growing an effective, tight-running operation that not only uses the industry’s latest knowledge but creatively builds on it. That’s why advocacy and lobbying is an integral part of our service. You need unrestricted access to aviation-specific knowledge and resources to grow your business and comply with regulatory requirements for operation. Our military specialists assist defence organisations with expert legal advice and negotiations so you can operate efficiently and economically with the best tools.

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Build smart business

Developing a creative, effective enterprise starts with mitigating risk and meeting compliance regulations. Our service includes strategies for meeting safety and security requirements that also refine your business processes and procedures so your business can continue to exceed industry standards. We’ll help clarify the legal structure so you can navigate the matrix of clearance requirements with ease and efficiency. Enable a greater sense of freedom in growing your business.

Learn without borders

Education is the road to innovation. That’s why you need unrestricted access to the latest research, knowledge, resources, and tools. We provide comprehensive hosting and training with e-learning management systems that save you time, prevent stress, and give your business the edge it needs to thrive in a competitive and dynamic industry. Our e-learning system offers a simple approach to sophisticated learning. We’re the learning vehicle your air traffic systems organization needs to stay competitive.

Implement intelligent systems

Change is inevitable, and every business must embrace new procedures, equipment, and requirements to stay successful. But the implementation stage is where many organizations get stuck. We establish simple strategies for smoothly incorporating new processes into your business operations. Avoid disruption, confusion, and risk with the right manuals, procedures, support, and test documentation for robust airport system implementation.

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Protect your goals

Technological support is an industry imperative and at the core of every successful business. Our air traffic control tower technology assistance keeps you abreast of every update. With wide-ranging expertise, our tech team provides innovative designs and continuous upgrades for helping your business operate smoothly and safely.


Your number-one priority in air traffic management systems is safety. We know that ensuring compliance with your Safety Management System (SMS) is necessary for maintaining an efficient, effective system and meeting legal requirements. Our safety, training and management systems have you covered in less time and with lower costs. Because we maintain partnerships with SMS software providers, we can ensure your business is compliant with current requirements and change in regulations.


Training is a major part of staying competitive and well-versed in industry-specific knowledge and leading an innovative and efficient operation. You can’t accomplish this with fractured approaches to education and professional development. We provide comprehensive ATC training packages that address individual learning needs and incorporate your business goals. We also use state-of-the-art ATC simulation software that provides a practical, integrative training experience, which is one of a few in the industry. Keep a smooth-running business and leave the learning needs to us.


Hosting or managing industry events isn’t an easy task or one you have a lot of time for in the day-to-day operation of your air traffic business. But it’s necessary for developing strategic relationships, ensuring a competitive edge, and having access to the latest information. Considerable resources are required to ensure events are executed smoothly. We offer end-to-end support for all major aviation events so you can proceed in your industry toward leadership.

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Why you want to work with ATS

Consultation is a key part of our service. We want to find out what your business goals are and how you envision a collaborative support service to expand your current limits. Start now by contacting us by phone or email and telling us what you need.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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