Jet-Tekno is a Finnish ISO 9001-certified company providing refuelling and ground support solutions and their support services for the defence and aviation industries. Jet-Teknoʼs story began in 1955 when the first refueller for Finnish Air Force rolled out. Since 1976 we have made tank trucks, aircraft refuellers and ground support equipment.

Solid know-how
From the very beginning, our goal has been to develop premium quality, customer-focused solutions. Jet-Tekno employs highly skilled professionals. Our core values are trustworthiness and openness. We deliver on our promises. We are a committed and responsible partner.

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Aircraft refuellers

Jet-Teknoʼs rigid, semi and full trailer aircraft refuellers are designed for efficient and flexible operation. Durable and well-equipped, they provide a practical solution for both civilian and military purposes. Overall versatility, low-profile and integrated lift deck equipment make our refuellers suitable for various refuelling needs.

A capacity of up to sixty-five thousand litres and high fill rate ensure fast and efficient refuelling. Jet-Tekno has expertise in difficult environments and demanding operating conditions. Our know-how, combined with a choice of premium materials and components, helps us design and construct robust and reliable vehicles without any compromises.

Aviation fuelling systems

Jet-Tekno refuelling systems provide a perfect solution for aviation refuelling purposes. They feature a double skin tank and several automated, easy-to-use functions. Our refuelling station is built to flammable liquid storage requirements and conforms to the EN-12285-2 standard. It is equipped with stainless steel pipes, a tank with a floating suction system, a preset metering system, and a remote leak detection system monitoring the inside of the equipment compartment and tank cavity.

The lighting, pump control and hydraulic hose reel have automated functions that guarantee simple and effortless operation. Tank filler fittings and filter are located conveniently inside the equipment compartment. Work ergonomics was our main focus in the design of the sampling station.

The Jet-Tekno aviation refuelling station is designed for safety, ease of use, and low lifetime costs.

Water and Toilet Service Trucks

Jet-Tekno provides a flexible solution for aircraft potable water service trucks. Our system fits on various truck chassis and can be equipped with a lift platform. Adding to workplace comfort and safety, trucks are fitted with information displays inside the cockpit and in the lift platform cage. Reversing sensors and cameras for the vehicle are also included.

Efficient insulation and an extensive heating system guarantee the reliable operation of our ground support vehicles even in extreme environments. Stainless steel tanks and pipes are made to withstand the most demanding conditions. High-grade components and excellent workmanship come as standard, of course. Large tank capacity and easy operation ensure fast and cost-effective ground services.