As we look ahead to a new year, in this issue we hear from a host of industry experts who shed some light on the key trends both airports and airlines will witness in the coming year. 

In the UK, it's been announced that security rules will be eased at airports from June 2024. The relaxation of restrictions on liquids and electrical items is due to a mandate for all major airports across the country to install new advanced technologies at their security checkpoints. We take a look at the potential impact of the changes.

We also take a look at a newly-published paper from Transport for North, which highlights how maximising Northern airports in the UK and creating 'Northern Gateways' will help realise the region's full economic potential.

At this time of year, ice build-up on aircraft is a particular safety concern. But ice accretion can be stopped by an effective ice protection system, as we learn from UK firm CAV Systems (formerly known as TKS) about how to mitigate the dangers of ice.

As well as all of this, we look into the emergence of drones in logistics and transport, a market is predicted to grow exponentially in the coming five years.

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Peter Nilson, editor